The unique portable LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Magic Suitcase (76399) set for kids aged 8+ offers a magical mix of customizable locations and people from the Harry Potter movies.

The fun of Hogwarts in the hands of children
As with the iconic Hogwarts suitcases from the movies, kids can customize their LEGO brick suitcase in their Hogwarts house colors and add fun stickers to make it unique. The suitcase contains a large selection of minifigure parts, including different hair styles and skin tones, so kids can build up to 5 characters from the Harry Potter movies and create their very own Hogwarts students. A wide range of customizable furniture and accessories from the movies gives kids ideas and inspiration to bring their imaginary Hogwarts adventures to life. You can act out three classic movie scenes: the grading ceremony, the feast in the Great Hall, and the House Lounge. When the adventure is over, everything is neatly tucked away in the suitcase so the kids can take the magic of Hogwarts with them wherever they go.

  • Unleash the magic of creativity! - The LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Magic Suitcase (76399) set contains tons of elements and minifigures from the Harry Potter movies that kids can build and customize to their liking
  • A suitcase full of fun - The suitcase contains magically reconfigurable furniture, movie accessories and a wide range of minifigure parts. By combining these details, children can create a variety of characters.
  • Authentic Accessory - Sorting Hat, Potions, Cauldron, Potions Book, Marauder's Map, Bertie Botts All Flavored Candies, Quibbler Magazine, Cups, Cookies, Chessboard and Owl
  • Customize and personalize - kids can build up to 5 minifigures, create brand new characters and use and combine various building elements to bring their Hogwarts adventures to life
  • Recreate classic scenes - you can collect and act out three memorable moments from the films: the distribution ceremony, the feast in the Great Hall and the faculty lounge
  • A great gift for kids ages 8+, this endlessly versatile playset makes the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans who want a personal creative connection to the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Easy to carry and store - the portable lockable toy case measures over 6 cm high, 17 cm wide and 7 cm deep.
  • Many ways to play - a wide range of LEGO® Harry Potter™ play sets give all young wizards, witches and Muggles a chance to meet popular characters, familiar places and magical items
  • Quality guaranteed - all LEGO® pieces meet the highest industry standards, so they're perfectly safe, compatible with each other, and connect and pull apart perfectly
  • Complete Safety - All LEGO® pieces are drop, heat, impact and twist tested to ensure they fully comply with high international safety standards.


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