Welcome to the top of the food chain where the largest dinos and coolest vehicles rule! Switch between a tough T-Rex or Velociraptor and a cool race car. Animated dinosaur face and driver on LCD screen. LEDs project flames in dino and vehicle mode. Button triggers voice lines and SFX.

This wild Switch and Go Dino is an exciting 2-in-1 toy that switches between a fierce T-Rex and a fast car! Your child will love the cool dino eye and driver animations on the backlit LCD screen, which changes along with Flare’s mode. They can tilt Flare's head back or press the bumper to see him shine a cool fire light projection!

When they do, it will also trigger exciting car and dinosaur sound effects, fun phrases and even facts about the T-Rex! Your little cuTie-Rex will love activating Flare as he lights up with responses, fuelling the excitement!

Ages: 3 +


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