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Star Wars Apprentice Lightsaber Blue

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Lightsaber Academy is the amazing Star Wars lightsaber training system where kids can train to wield their Lightsaber, the ancient weapon of the Jedi and Sith, with enough practice they might just become lightsaber masters!

The Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Level 1 Blue Lightsaber features a light-up blade that extends with the flick of a wrist so that kids can imagine training in lightsaber combat like their favorite Star Wars characters. Scan included QR code to access content in the Lightsaber Academy app and start lightsaber training!

With Lightsaber Academy, kids can train as Force Recruits to try and master the art of wielding a lightsaber like their favorite characters from the Star Wars galaxy! Complete the Lightsaber Academy system with Level 2 lightsabers featuring lights, sounds, and phrases and the Lightsaber Academy Interactive Training Lightsaber, featuring fully integrated app play including lightsaber combat training, level-ups, and interactive commands from some of the galaxy's greatest Force masters (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).
BLUE STAR WARS LIGHTSABER. Light-up Level 1 Blue Lightsaber from the Lightsaber Academy system.

EXTENDABLE BLADE. Flick to extend light-up, blue lightsaber blade.

TRAIN LIKE THE JEDI AND SITH. Lightsaber Academy lets kids train to perform lightsaber moves like their favorite Star Wars characters.

LIGHTSABER ACADEMY APP. Scan included QR code to access content in the Lightsaber Academy app.

STAR WARS LIGHTSABER ACADEMY. Level 1 Lightsaber in the ultimate Star Wars lightsaber training system. 6+

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