The Redbox Magic Sketcher offers a truly magical drawing experience for your child. Let their creativity soar as they explore the world of patterns and imaginative design with the help of the included magic stamps. Order one today and witness the enchanting artistry that unfolds!

Great for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

Magical Drawing Experience: The Redbox Magic Sketcher takes drawing to a whole new level. Your child can create masterpieces with the touch of a magic stamp, bringing their imagination to life on the sketcher's surface.

2 Magic Stamps: To enhance their creative process, this sketcher includes 2 enchanting magic stamps. With these stamps, your child can add whimsical designs and fun patterns to their artwork, providing endless inspiration and variety.

Easy Erasing: When it's time to start anew, the Redbox Magic Sketcher offers effortless erasing. A simple swipe of the magic stamp or a gentle touch with the fingertips is all it takes to clear the sketcher's surface, ready for fresh drawings.

No Mess, No Fuss: Unlike traditional art supplies, this sketcher doesn't require crayons, markers, or paper, making it a mess-free and convenient option for both parents and children. Say goodbye to stains and clutter!

Portable and Durable: Designed for on-the-go fun, the Redbox Magic Sketcher is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for car rides, trips, and creative adventures wherever your child goes. Its durable construction ensures lasting enjoyment.


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