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Enter into the world of Minecraft Sand & Sea and bring the adventure to life as your child mines for characters and REAL Gold Dipped treasure with the new Treasure X Minecraft Sand & Sea Overworld pack! Kids can Mine, Discover and Craft as they enter the Overworld and take on 10 levels of adventure.

Kids start the unboxing experience with a by opening their block with a can unbox their block to find a pick axe which they They can use to the pick axe to crack open their block. Will they find Badlands Sand or Stretchy Seaweed inside? Mine through the Sand or Seaweed and discover a hidden treasure chest and Minecraft character! They can instantly craft their Minecraft character using the Aqua Stick Hearts for no mess, instant crafting. The character will bond together in 5 minutes simply by using the Aqua Stick and water!

There are 12 new Minecraft characters to discover and craft. Discover Swimming Alex, Dolphin, Guardian, Swimming Steve, Turtle, Axolotl and more. Did your child discover Rare Golden Armor Steve? Each Craft character has a treasure chest to discover. Look out for new rare treasures including a Sea Lantern and TNT! Or will your child find the Golden Spyglass? A REAL Gold Dipped treasure!

There is 1 in 24 chance of finding real Gold Dipped treasure! Minecraft fans will love to Discover, Mine and Craft with the new Treasure X Minecraft Sand & Sea Overworld Pack. Collect them all!


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